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Custom Cold RoomWaterside Installations is a family run business that designs, builds, installs and services cold rooms and clean rooms.  It is based in Southampton and has been serving customers across the south of England for over 25 years.  We pride ourselves on our high level of customer satisfaction which leads to much repeat business.  Our many satisfied customers include: restaurants and bars; food retail outletsdistribution centres and medical/scientific establishments.  Our customer base ranges from small business to national blue chip chains and UK Government.

Custom Made Cold Rooms

We design, build and install custom cold rooms.  This means that our customers can have a cold room that meets their own individual requirements.  We have been doing this for many years so have the experience to work with a customer to help them specify a cold room that best meets their needs.  As well as producing new build cold rooms we can also modify and extend or maintain and repair existing cold rooms.

Custom Made Insulated Doors and Clean Room Doors

Insulated DoorWe design, build and install insulated doors (cold room) and clean room doors (for hygenic food preparation areas).  These are made to a specification so that they can be installed as part of an existing cold room or clean room.  We also modify and repair existing insulated doors and clean room doors.

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